Happy 2013!

2012’s blogging stats don’t paint an entirely successful picture: a mere 17 posts, at least 2 of which are apologies for the lack of posts. Got a few thousand views, though, so that’s encouraging enough to give it another go.

Obviously the way to deal with this sad state of affairs is ridiculous overcompensation. So allow me to present my totally unachievable new schedule!

Mondays will be dedicated to spoiler-free reviewing. I’m conscious of the fact that a lot of people are nervous of having things spoiled, so this will be a safe place to look (and the front page will always be spoiler-free).

Tuesdays will be critical stuff, most likely a dissection of whatever I reviewed on Monday, if it deserves it.

Wednesdays will be dedicated to mysteries from film and tv.

Thursdays will have mysteries in other media, at least until I run out of examples.

Fridays  were originally down as “Fiction Friday”, where I’d put up some of my own mysteries. But that really does seem too ambitious, so instead I’m going to rotate the fiction with a few different things, including the Solve-Alongs and an Agatha Christie Project.

Weekends will be off-topic stuff, although still tangentially related to mysteries. I’ve been getting a lot of puzzle commissions recently, so I may put up some of the ones that the clients don’t want (usually because they’re on the tricky side).

So join me on Monday and let’s see how long I can keep this madness up for!

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