Read This First To Remain Unspoilt

Despite the title of this blog I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone. But you can’t properly discuss mystery fiction without discussing the twists and solutions you find there. To keep things simple, I’ll put a list of everything spoiled by a post before the link you have to click to read the rest of it. There will never be spoilers before this link. So if you see something in the list that you might want to read/watch/play in future then don’t read the rest of the article. There won’t be any more warnings!

2 thoughts on “Read This First To Remain Unspoilt

  1. Hello,

    I understand you’re a developmental editor and wonder how I might go about securing your services for some stories I’ve written.


    • Hi Dave. Sorry, your comment got caught in the spam trap. I’d be delighted to discuss with you. Please send an email to thewanderingeditor [at] protonmail [dot] com

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